Hong Kong Disneyland Finally Makes a Profit

Hong Kong Disneyland Toy Story Land

Disney’s flagship theme park on Chinese soil is finally profitable, according to Disney officials.

The park is the smallest of all the Disney theme parks, scattered around the globe — a fact that many have blamed for its lackluster financial performance. However, the current expansion of the park will remedy that fact, and will increase the size of the demure 311-acre park by 25 percent.

The $465 expansion project will offer park goers three new attractions. Mystic Point, which is set in a rain forest and features a supernatural theme, will open mid-2013. Toy Story Land, which features multiple attractions, and Grizzly Gulch, which is similar to Critter Country in Disneyland and Frontierland in Walt Disney World.

Andrew Kam, Hong Kong Disneyland’s managing director, considers the earnings report to be a significant milestone in the park’s financial performance. “The business has turned a corner,” said Kam.

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