IBM Data Center Featured In New Epcot Exhibit

While you may not think that an IBM data center would be terribly interesting, Epcot thinks you might. The IBM center features prominently in Epcot’s new Smarter Planet exhibit in the Innoventions center. The exhibit is intended to show the increasing role of technology in our daily lives.

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The exhibit’s glass storefront provides a glimpse of the working IBM Smarter Data Center, which powers the exhibit, and educates visitors about the servers, storage and networking equipment that serve up their favorite web sites and cloud computing services.

You might think this exhibit would be a drag for younger attendees, however there is also Runtime. This attraction transforms guests into personalized avatars in their own video game experiences. Players can interact with the history of computing through their avatar, which should provide more interest for those hard to sell on the idea of computer history as entertainment.

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