‘Iron Man 3’ Has Second-Highest Opening Weekend of All Time

This weekend brought the theatrical release of Iron Man 3 in the United States, and while it might not have beat out Marvel’s record-setting hit The Avengers at the box office, it got closer than any other film. It was announced on Sunday that Iron Man 3 took in $175.3 million at the box office in its opening weekend, becoming the second-highest opening weekend of all-time.

Iron Man 3 opened last weekend at the worldwide box office, earning $198.4 million, more than the record-breaking $185 million start The Avengers had for its global premiere last year. With the film’s domestic opening this weekend, the film’s total box office gross has now reached $680.1 million in twelve days, which is more than either previous Iron Man film grossed during their entire theatrical runs.

With such a strong showing at the box office in such a short amount of time, it seems safe to say that the $1 billion mark is likely not far away for this internationally-beloved film. Iron Man 3 is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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