‘Iron Man 3’ to Be Released in Imax 3D

The release of Marvel Studios’ next feature film, Iron Man 3, is just a few months away now, and we can’t wait to see what the new film has in store. Recently, Disney and Imax announced that audiences will be able to enjoy the film’s theatrical release in Imax 3D.

Iron Man 3 will be the fourth Marvel film to be digitally remastered for Imax 3D for its theatrical release, with Iron Man 2Thor, and The Avengers all previously released in Imax 3D.

About the news of Iron Man 3‘s Imax release, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment Greg Foster said:

“Marvel and IMAX are a perfect one-two punch and the Iron Man franchise has become a global phenomenon that resonates with fans around the world. We look forward to moviegoers experiencing this highly-anticipated next installment of Tony Stark’s latest adventures in IMAX 3D.”

Dave Hollis, Executive Vice President of Motion Picture Distribution for The Walt Disney Studios, also commented:

“With Iron Man 3 building on the events of Marvel’s The Avengers, audiences are in for yet another incredible moviegoing experience from Marvel Studios. We’re thrilled to be able to offer that to fans in the larger-than-life action of IMAX 3D.”

Iron Man 3 will be released in Imax and theaters nationwide on May 3, 2013, following an international release date on April 25.


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