Is ABC Lost Without ‘Lost?’

Lost was one of ABC’s most successful shows and its finale leaves many wondering what will replace it in the ABC lineup.

In an interview with Fortune, Anne Sweeny, President of Disney/ABC Televisions discusses the search for a replacement in the lineup. This is no small feat according to Sweeny:

‘Lost’ did incredibly well on every platform and around the world. It was highly sought after. It was a hit show and people were willing to pay for it. That said whether it’s ‘Lost’ or ‘Desperate Housewives’ or any of our new shoes coming on board, paying attention to cost is critical.

Sweeny says getting audience feedback is key to finding the next hit brand. Whether the next big thing is already in ABC’s lineup remains to be seen, but whether it is or not, ‘Lost’ leaves a large hole to fill.


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  • lost was a good show it keep you thinking what is going happen .when you watch the next show come on,wednesday nigth.

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