John Lasseter Talks About ‘Brave’ and Potential for an ‘Incredibles’ Sequel

Pixar has been notorious for shying away from sequels for many years, with the exception of the Toy Story franchise and the much-anticipated Monsters University, (the sequel to the smash hit Monsters, Inc.), as well as the upcoming Cars 2. With the recent work on so many sequels, fans have been clamoring for answers about the possibility of an Incredibles sequel sometime in the future.

Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, however, had this to say about the potential for an Incredibles sequel:  “We love [The Incredibles]. We love those characters and love that world too, but there’s nothing in the works right now.”

Lasseter also had a few things to say about the upcoming summer 2012 feature Brave, which will be Pixar’s first film with a strong female lead.

At Pixar we’ve always strived to have strong female characters, but granted, all of our films have had male main characters – though female characters have been very, very important in most of the films. But it’s nice to have a film where the female is the main character.

The director of the upcoming Cars 2 also talked about the film as a period piece:

It’s also our first real, true period film. Incredibles is sort of a period film, in that it’s set in a world that evokes the 60s. But this is really medieval Scotland and it’s really fun to kind of go into this and to have this kind of legend and lore feel to it. But it’s very, very modern in its main character and its arc and the desires and things. It’s got phenomenal characters and the look of this thing is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Even for Pixar, there’s a gorgeous, unique look to this movie and it’s very, very exciting.


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