‘Lemonade Mouth’ Stars Talk About Hitting the Road for a Tour

After Lemonade Mouth premiered on the Disney Channel over the weekend, the stars talked to MTV News about what’s next for them – including the possibility of a road tour!

Says Hayley Kiyoko, one of the stars of the film:

I think we all love performing and we’re all very musically inclined and if we get a tour, that’d be awesome. We’re just enjoying what’s going on right now and performing and we’re gonna keep doing it whether or not there’s a tour or not.

Co-star Blake Michael added, “It’s up to the people” about whether the TV band will be able to take their music to the masses via a road tour.

The movie, which is based on the teen novel written by Mark Peter Hughes, chronicles the story of a misfit group of teenagers who realize the one thing in common they all have is music – so they form a band to change the world. Whether the TV band hits the road for a musical tour remains to be seen, but it’s clear from their interview that the stars of the film are up for anything.

Says co-star Naomi Scott, “We are who we are, like we’re just ourselves and wherever that takes us; it’s not sort of a planned route. We’ll see.”

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