Looking for Easter Eggs in Gnomeo & Juliet

We confess:  we love Easter eggs – those little in-jokes that Disney incorporates into its films, just to make sure that we’re all paying attention.  And “Gnomeo & Juliet” is no exception.

The CG film, which is beating expectations with nearly $61 million in ticket sales, is still going strong, thanks to word of mouth as it enters its third week of release.  The clever film is chock full of little inside jokes – many of which are inspired by the Bard himself.  Since “Gnomeo & Juliet” is based upon William Shakespeare’s work “Romeo & Juliet,” the creative team took the opportunity to make several clever touches echoing his other works.  Keep an eye out for these fun tidbits:

  • Hamlet fans, note that Miss Montague’s mail box is numbered 2B.  Mr. Capulet’s mailbox?  2B with a red slash and circle (a la “not to be.”)
  • Those with a fondness for “Macbeth” should pay attention to a scene in which Juliet is threatened by a bulldog; as she yells “Out!” we hear the dog’s owner yell in the distance “Damned Spot!”
  • The interior of Featherstone’s shed contains a ticket stub for the play “As You Like It.”

Did you find other Easter eggs in the film, that reference Shakespeare or other Disney works?  If so, please share below in comments!


3 responses to “Looking for Easter Eggs in Gnomeo & Juliet

  • There’s a bus a little less than an hour into the film and the top reads “Stratford Upon Avon”

  • When they glue Juliet’s feet to her spot, they glue is named “Taming of the Glue” which of course is alluding to “Taming of the Shrew”.

    Also, was that Hasselhoff as the screensaver? Interesting…..

  • The moving truck company was Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, another nod to Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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