Lotso the Bear and Other Final Topiaries Installed at Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival

If you are a topiary junkie like I am, then you will be over the moon to know that Lotso, that strawberry-scented “Toy Story 3” bad guy has arrived at Epcot!

The massive topiary was installed to welcome guests to the 18th Annual Flower and Garden Festival.  He now stands proudly, waving with his good-natured (and oh so deceptive) happy grin to bid a happy hello to visitors, from the large bed at the front of the park, which serves as the gateway to Futureworld.

But the real question:  does he indeed smell like strawberries?  He sure does!

(A big and appreciative THANK YOU to Mikey from Magic City Mayhem for the photo and confirmation of the pleasant strawberry fragrance 🙂 )

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