MagicBand 2 and Accessories Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

magicband2.0The new MagicBand 2 is coming to the Walt Disney World Resort.

A limited-edition MagicBand 2 celebrating the 45th anniversary of the it’s a small world at the Magic Kingdom was released on December 16 at Walt Disney World.

The new MagicBand will have an edition size of 2,500.

On December 19, two additional MagicBand 2’s will be released – both featuring artwork that celebrate 2017. The artwork will also be found on other merchandise items throughout the New Year.

And because MagicBand 2 is “convertible” there are also several merchandise items designed for guests who want a new way to wear their MagicBand.

MagicKeepers will allow guests an alternative way to wear the MagicBand, including a MagicKeeper lanyard clip in a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse design. The MagicKeepers will be available at a later date.


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