Monsters University Website Now Live

Editor’s Note:  We welcome guest writer Cari Keebaugh back to tell us about the cool new Monsters University School of Scaring website!

Forget philosophy and bypass biology: now there’s a new college major that’s sure to be a scream. Enroll in Monsters University’s School of Scaring, “the most prestigious school of scaring in the world”! Not interested in the School of Scaring? Perhaps you’d be move at home studying in MU’s School of Liberal Arts and Monstrosities.

To advertise the 2013 release of Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters Inc, Disney-Pixar has launched a new webpage focused on the MU school. From an academic calendar to school apparel (which you can actually purchase), this website has everything you’d expect in a collegiate webpage. Potential students can browse faculty lists, a history of the college, news and events, and even download a detailed campus map.
According to the university’s website, “Students of every shape, size, color, and texture arrive from every corner of the world to take their places among the best and brightest students in the world. Whether your talent is causing screams or designing the canisters that capture them, MU is a place to find your truest calling and reach your highest potential.”
The site also features course offerings for every major. I think my favorite course is “MON 199: The Origins of the Literature of Fear,” which offers “an overview of the fear classics, focusing on the seminal rhymes of Mother Goosebumps.” English class will never be the same!
Interested in enrolling at MU? Unfortunately, applications for the next academic year are not currently being accepted. But you can still check out the admissions page to see if you have what it takes to study at MU.

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