New Posters Released for ‘Monsters University’

Over the past few months, we’ve been treated to some fun looks at Monsters University, including teaser trailers and even a website for the fictional university itself. Disney brought us another new look at Monsters University this week with some new posters for the upcoming Disney/Pixar film.

The first poster (pictured at right) depicts Mike and Sully in their letterman jackets, giving us a look at their college look in the film and some fun themed books, like “I’m Scary, You’re Scary” and “The Power of Screams.” Also released was a new international poster, which is filled with fun details and gives a glimpse at the animosity between the two monsters that we can expect to see in the new film.

Check out the new international poster below, and be sure to click on the image to see some of the smaller details, like the posters on Mike and Sully’s wall and even an “A113” reference on their digital clock:


Monsters University will debut in theaters June 21, 2013.


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