More Kids Can Ride Disney Dream’s Aqua Duck, Thanks to Lower Height Requirements

It just became a little easier to ride Aqua Duck if you’re a kid.

Previously, Disney Cruise Line required that all riders of its water roller coaster, which made its debut on the recently christened Disney Dream, be 48 inches or taller.  As of last Thursday, however, the height requirement has been lowered to 42 inches.  But riding solo?  You have to measure in at 54 inches tall and be at least seven to have the inner tube all to yourself.

The restrictions, which are still being fine-tuned, seem to have more to do with light riders getting stuck in the tubes, although it has happened infrequently (and Cast Member advise children riding what to do should the feel themselves slowing down.)

So, let’s hear it:  will you be riding Aqua Duck on an upcoming Disney Dream cruise?  Will your children ride alone, or with you?  Leave a comment below!


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