Mystic Point Opening at Hong Kong Disneyland in May

Hong Kong Disneyland’s expansion project concludes next month with the opening of Mystic Point, a new area that includes a new ride – Mystic Manor – in addition to a themed photo area called Garden of Wonders, and a new restaurant.

Mystic Manor is the centerpiece of Mystic Point and takes guests on an adventure courtesy of Lord Henry Mystic, an explorer and art collector. Guests board the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage for a tour of Lord Henry’s private museum, located in his manor house. The mysterious journey begins after Albert, Lord Henry’s mischievous monkey, opens a magical music box and releases the enchanted Music Dust inside.

“Mystic Manor is a brand new concept with new characters, special effects, and architecture that no guest has ever seen before in any of the Disney Parks worldwide,” said Mark Schirmer, Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering (Hong Kong).

The carriage that transports guests inside Mystic Manor is the first trackless ride that applies radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology ever built by Disney. In each ride vehicle guests get a front row experience of the 40 visual effects created by 36 projectors. Each Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage can be positioned in any direction at any given moment, so guests will not know which way they are going next. This also means guests can have a different experience each time they ride.

The soundtrack for Mystic Manor was written by Grammy-winning, Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman and features a recurring musical theme – the haunting music from the music box opened by Alfred the monkey.

In addition to the new attraction, Mystic Point also includes the Explorer’s Club Restaurant and a new store called The Archive Shop where guest can purchase Mystic Point themed merchandise and limited edition merchandise from other Disney parks around the world.

Mystic Point officially opens May 17.


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