New Animated Series ‘Wander Over Yonder’ Premieres on Disney Channel in September

Disney Channel’s newest animated comedy series, Wander Over Yonder, doesn’t officially premiere until September 13, but viewers can get a first look of the new show on Friday, August 16 following the premiere of Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.

Wander Over Yonder follows the adventures of best friends Wander and Sylvia. Wander is an eternally optimistic intergalactic traveler and Sylvia is his quick-tempered but loyal steed. They travel the galaxy together having grand adventures, making new friends, and battling forces of evil including Lord Hater and his Watchdogs.

In the first-look episode ‘The Picnic’ on August 16, Wander discovers the perfect spot for a celestial picnic, but it just happens to be next to Lord Hater’s battlefield which makes it difficult for Hater to focus on his battle against his arch enemy Emperor Awesome.

Before the series premiere, there are a few other platforms where viewers can get a sneak peek of the show. On August 17, verified WATCH Disney Channel users can watch the first look telecast on and on the official WATCH Disney Channel app for smart phones and tablets.

On August 30, the season premiere episodes ‘The Greatest’ and ‘The Egg’ will be available on iTunes as a free preview. And on Friday, September 6, verified WATCH Disney Channel users can watch an advanced preview of the season premiere episodes.

And finally on Friday, September 13, Wander Over Yonder officially premieres on Disney Channel with two episodes. In ‘The Greatest,’ Lord Hater wants to control and win everything in the universe including The Binglebops and their planet. However his plans are diverted when he finds himself accepting Wander’s challenges to prove he really is the greatest in the entire galaxy. In the second episode, ‘The Egg,’ Wander and Sylvia try to soften the heart of a flying dragon by reuniting it with its lost egg, but Sylvia ends up needing a lesson on being gentle.

Wander Over Yonder features voice talent by Jack McBrayer (30 Rock, Wreck-It Ralph, Phineas and Ferb) as free-spirited Wander, April Winchell (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Wander’s true-blue stallion and best friend Sylvia, Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Commander Peepers, the leader of the Watchdog Army, and Keith Ferguson (Gravity Falls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends) as evil villain Lord Hater.

For more interactive fun, families and kids can visit starting August 23 and play intergalactic games including ‘Galactic Rescue.’ The site will also feature a Planetoid Remote Control challenge, sharable animated photo album, videos, and a postcard creator.


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