New Clue Found in the Case of Missing Disney Cruise Ship Worker

A new clue has emerged regarding the case of Rebecca Coriam, a crewmember who disappeared from the Disney Wonder in March less than 24 hours after it sailed out of Los Angeles for a seven-night cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

Over the weekend, Coriam’s mother received an e-mail from her daughter’s bank that there had been recent activity on the account since her disappearance.

Says Coriam’s father, “This could be a very significant development. The fact that her credit card’s been used could only mean someone has stolen it or she’s still alive.”  He then went on to say that “We’ve never believed she simply disappeared overboard and drowned. I have always felt she is still alive.”

Early on in the investigation, another crewmember aboard the Disney Wonder had said that Coriam jumped overboard, but the claim has never been verified and no body was ever discovered. With the recent development in the case, Coriam’s family continues to hold out hope that she is still alive.

The incident continues to be investigated by authorities in the Bahamas, and we will update you on the case when new information breaks.


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