New Love-Themed Disney Pins Coming to Epcot in August at the Disney Pin Celebration

love pinsThe 2017 Disney Pin Celebration is schedule for Epcot on August 25-26 at the World ShowPlace.

This year’s theme is “Love is an Adventure.”

Guests attending the Disney Pin Celebration will have a chance to purchase several limited-edition pins and products inspired by the event’s theme.

Pins at the event will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and even Ray from The Princess and the Frog.

Other pin sets include a two-pin collection with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, a pin featuring Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6, and “mini jumbo” pins inspired by attractions or characters at the parks.

There’s also a mystery pin collection featuring pins that celebrate expression of love. There are 16 pins in the mystery collection and each box features two randomly selected pins.

The set also features eight limited edition chaser pins.

There is also a six-pin set featuring Carl and Ellie from Up and a Disney Villain “Love is Vain” set with six 3D sculpted pins.

Additional information about the Disney Pin Celebration can be located online.


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