New Pirate Coming to Walt Disney World

Just in time for the May 20 opening of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, a new pirate is expected to appear at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park!

Visitors to Magic Kingdom are already familiar with the appearances of Captain Jack, and his attempts to recruit new workers from among Park guests.  Now Jack’s new friend – or foe? – Angelica, will also be making appearances in the Park.  Played by Penelope Cruz in the upcoming film, this particular pirate is said to be “world-famous…with a reputation for skill and cunning – rivaled only by that of Captain Jack.” Angelica is also said to be the daughter of famed pirate captain Blackbeard.

Additional sources also report that Angelica, along with several of her crewmen, will make her quarters adjacent to the Pirate’s League and will be looking for pirates to join her crew for exciting adventures.

Angelica will be at Magic Kingdom Park starting April 15.


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