New Show ‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ to Debut at Disneyland This Summer

Last August, Disneyland’s Fantasyland saw the closing of the Princess Fantasy Faire to make way for a brand-new live entertainment offering. This week, we found out just what that new show will be, as Disney officially announced their new show “Mickey and the Magical Map.”

The new show will be taking place inside Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theatre, making this the first time in seven years that Fantasyland will have a theatrical production.

“Mickey and the Magical Map” focuses on Yen Sid, the sorcerer from Fantasia, and his beloved apprentice Mickey Mouse. The titular map, which belongs to Yen Sid, has the power to take dreamers to any place they can imagine. When Mickey decides to paint the map’s one unfinished spot himself, he discovers the mystery and magic of the map himself, as it takes him on an adventure that features music, color, and some beloved characters.

Here’s some concept art for the new show, courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog:


“Mickey and the Magical Map” is currently slated to open in summer 2013. Stay tuned for more news about this intriguing new show.

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