New Wine Bar Coming to Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Following the success of the uber popular La Cava del Tequila in the Mexico Pavilion, Epcot has announced that an Italian-themed wine bar will be coming to the park later this year.

As part of the current renovation to the Italy Pavilion’s table service restaurant, Tutto Italia, Gusto Wine Bar will open April 28.  The brand new space will be adjacent to the restaurant, and will feature a look and feel reminiscent of an ancient Italian wine cellar, complete with stone floors and walls, with bricked arches throughout the space.  The dimly lit atmosphere will lend to the feel that the space is underground, and the rustic furnishings, complete with wooden furniture and wine barrels supporting the bar, will also lend to the theme.

While Disney hasn’t confirmed the menu, our friends at Disney Food Blog have heard that there will be an eating area, complete with cozy fireplace.  The expectation is that the menu will be more appetizer in nature – think antipasti and small bites – rather than full meals.

Gusto Wine Bar is slated to open officially on April 28, but expect word that a soft opening will take place prior to that date.  Tutto Italia will also reopen the same day, and guests and fans of the restaurant can expect to see largely cosmetic differences, with a new facade, carpet, and furniture.  We await word of what changes might be made to the menu.

Are you excited for the reopening of Tutto Italia and the debut of Gusto Wine Bar?  Please leave a comment and let us know!


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