“Off With Their Heads!” Disney Being Sued Over Use of Red Queen’s Throne

Not only was Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” a huge box office hit for Disney, but it was visually captivating & used some stunning design elements that theater-goers reacted to. Over-the-top costumes, opulent architecture, and lavish furnishings completed the overall dreamy ‘Wonderland’ feel that Tim Burton gave detailed attention to. One of the furnishings, the Red Queen’s throne, is the topic of controversy among designer Arman Mkrtchyan and the Walt Disney Company. Mkrtchyan is suing the company, claiming that the throne used in the movie is a virtual clone of a piece he designed & Disney didn’t compensate to use his work.

Mkrtchyan filed a lawsuit in the L.A. County Superior Court and is suing Disney for a ‘designer’s fee’ in the amount of $50,000. Mkrtchyan not only claims he designed the hearts themed chair but that he created a whole collection using every suit in the deck – including spades, clubs and diamonds.

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