Opening Date and Menu Details Announced for Epcot’s French Bakery

There have been rumors regarding expanding Epcot’s French Bakery area in the World Showcase, and sources have said that Boulangerie Patisserie, in particular, was slated to receive a full-blown renovation including the addition of a second story; an upgraded 3,000 square foot kitchen and a counter-service area.

In an article interview, Jerome Bocuse, the son of Chef Paul Bocuse who heads up the restaurant operations in the French Pavilion, had some details to share about the changes coming to the French bakery. He says:

We’re going to build a brand new bakery in a new building. It’s going to be very close to the bakeries that you see in France today. More like a modern bakery with sandwiches. We will cook all of our bread all day long and make sandwiches with that fresh bread.

According to that same article, the bakery is slated to open in March 2013. Keep in mind that Disney has not officially announced anything about this rumored project, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any breaking news.


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