Pixar Unveils Details about New Short ‘La Luna’

Early last week, Pixar announced a few details about an upcoming short entitled La Luna. While the film will likely be attached to Pixar’s upcoming Brave, that particular detail has not been confirmed at this time.

A short synopsis recently released by Pixar shares that  La Luna will be the story of a young boy who discovers his family’s unusual line of work. In this coming of age tale, the boy must decide whether to follow his Grandpa or his Papa, while he learns to find his own way despite conflicting opinions and traditions.

Kevin Reher, producer of the upcoming short, says:

The new [short] we’re finishing production on now… it’s beautiful, it’s lyrical, it’s very different from all the other ones. It’s amazing how easy it can be when you just have three characters and two sets.

Additionally, details have trickled out regarding La Luna‘s running time. Clocking in at 6:53, this will be Pixar’s lengthiest theatrical short to date.


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