Rapunzel to Replace “Storytime With Belle” at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The Disney Parks Blog is reporting that a new “play and greet” experience based on the upcoming “Tangled” will be replacing “Storytime with Belle” in the Magic Kingdom.

The final “Storytime with Belle” will be on September 12th. Inside the Magic Speculates:

The “play and greet” sounds strikingly like a precursor to what is planned for Disney’s ongoing Fantasyland expansion that will include several new houses, each with their own interactive area for children of all ages to spend quality time with their favorite Disney Princesses.

Many fans may be sad to see “Storytime with Belle” leave the park, particularly with the dearth of other “Beauty and the Beast” themed activities, but hardcore fans should probably brace themselves for more changes as the Fantasyland expansion continues.

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