Reports of Disney Dream ‘Near Collision’ Appear to Be Exaggerated

Video of the Disney Dream maneuvering close to a Royal Caribbean ship in Port Canaveral has surfaced today, along with reports of the incident.  However, claims that Disney’s new ship came dangerously close to the other vessel appear to be exaggerated.

The video, shot by a passenger of Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas, shows the Disney Dream maneuvering near the other ship, the water clearly churning below by the power of the Disney ship’s engines.  The video was apparently shot on January 17 during a muster drill on the Royal Caribbean ship, two days prior to the Dream’s christening.

Both Disney and Royal Caribbean have commented on the incident.  While Royal Caribbean’s representative stated that the other ship “drifted close to our vessel,” Disney spokesperson Christi Donnan confirmed that “the ship was under control of our captain the entire time.  There was never a safety issue.”  Disney estimates the distance between the ships as 20 to 30 feet, which seems more in line with the video than what the guest said a Royal Caribbean employee claimed – that the ships were less than a foot apart.

During the video, a Royal Caribbean employee orders the guest to stop filming.  Royal Caribbean confirms that the company has no policy against guests recording at will in authorized areas, and is unclear why the employee would not allow guests to film.


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