Ricky Gervais Officially Signs On to ‘Muppets’ Sequel

A few days ago, we let you know that actor Ricky Gervais was currently rumored to star in the upcoming sequel to The Muppets. Now, the casting news has been confirmed, and Gervais will officially be starring in the highly anticipated new film.

Gervais, who is perhaps best known for his work as creator of both the British and American versions of The Office, officially confirmed the casting news through his Twitter account on Wednesday. Here’s the tweet:

Not much is known yet on who exactly Gervais will be playing in the film, but as its main human star, we can expect his role to be about the same size as Jason Segel’s part in The Muppets as Gary. While this will be Gervais’ first starring film role since 2009’s The Invention of Lying, Gervais does have some prior experience working with Muppets, having appeared multiple times on Sesame Street.

In addition to Gervais, Ty Burrell has also been cast as one of the human leads in this Muppetational film. A third human star, a female character described as a “Russian femme fatale,” has yet to be cast. However, with the film set to begin production in London this January, a casting announcement should be coming soon. Stay tuned for more developments on this exciting new sequel.



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