Rumor: Plans for New ‘Avatarland’ Reportedly Leaked

With the bulk of the work on New Fantasyland nearing completion (and what is not completed is well known), the attention on development at Walt Disney World is shifting back to Animal Kingdom and the plans for a new land based upon James Cameron’s film, Avatar.

Earlier this week, Stitch Kingdom published photos of what appear to be blueprints of  an enormous building housing two attractions.  Because of the Avatar announcement, logic would dictate that the attractions are connected with that project.  The first attraction seems to be a theatre-based attraction, possibly similar to Epcot’s Soarin’.  And because there is also a 3D glasses cleaning room within the facility, speculation is that 3D technology will be incorporated.  The second attraction appears to be water-based, and is being likened to Epcot’s “Living with the Land” – although perhaps with mild thrills.

As for location of the new land, it would seem that the most plausible home for Pandora will be the present home of Camp Minnie-Mickey, which currently hosts meet and greets and the Festival of the Lion King Show.  There is speculation that more announcements regarding the future of “AvatarLand” will be forthcoming during the New Fantasyland Media Event to be held on December 7.  As more details become available, we will keep you posted.

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