Ryan Gosling Reportedly in Talks to Star in Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger’

If all goes well,former Mousketeer Ryan Gosling may play the Lone Ranger to Johnny Depp’s Tonto in the near future.

Reports have surfaced that the 30-year old actor, who was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2010 for his work in Blue Valentine, is negotiating for the lead role in The Lone Ranger, Disney’s upcoming action reboot of the classic Hollywood western hero.  Previously, George Clooney was rumored to be up for the lead role, but producer Jerry Bruckheimerdenied the Clooney rumors, stating that he needed to find a director before pursuing a star. 

Once the starring role is cast, Disney will have all of the major players in place.  Gore Verbinski was announced as the film’s director late last year, and Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio will pen the screenplay.  The film will reunite many members of the Pirates of the Caribbean Dream Team, since Bruckheimer, Vidal, Elliott, Rossio – and, of course, Depp – also played crucial roles in the first three films of the Pirates franchise.


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