Small Fire Shuts Down Magic Kingdom Attraction Temporarily

This morning, a small fire broke out at the Astro Orbiter attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park, shutting down the ride until further notice.

The fire occurred at approximately 9:30 AM this morning, officials say, when one of the lights in the tall, ringed structure at the center of the ride shorted out, melted, and started smoldering. No guests were on the ride when the fire broke out, and no one was injured.

Calling it a “very minor” incident, Reedy Creek emergency services assistant chief Bo Jones says about the fire:

“We had it out in no time. It was a hot light bulb.”

Astro Orbiter was then closed for the remainder of the day, with Disney currently unsure as to when the ride will reopen. While all of Tomorrowland was closed to guests earlier this morning following the fire, all other Tomorrowland attractions are currently operational.


Photo copyright Disney

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