Solar Power Coming to Disneyland Paris

Example of Parking Lot Solar CanopiesThe Independent reports that Energy company EDF is in the first stages of plans to construct France’s largest solar-power plant right on the grounds of Disneyland Paris. Solar panels would cover massive canopies shading Disneyland Paris’ 11,000-space parking lot — one of the biggest in Europe. These structures could also collect rainwater to reduce the theme park’s water consumption.

This news comes on top of an already energy-conscious Disneyland Paris initiative: the theme park has an agreement with EDF to “buy 15 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy sources, and some of its rides run on natural gas.”

2 responses to “Solar Power Coming to Disneyland Paris

  • That is one of the best news stories to surface about Disney since the imminent launch of Toy Story 3! Creating a Solar ‘roof’ is a sensational idea that really should be embraced by all councils and planning offices worldwide. I can imagine this will cost an absolute fortune in the short-term, but is great PR for Disney and may even path the way for a global renaissance in energy saving. All enclosed large car-park and office buildings should have solar panels fitted as standard.

  • Great point on the PR boost! Disney’s been “going green” in any way it can. A lot of its resorts are “green certified” now, and it’s been trying to cut back on much of the laundry done throughout the parks (while still keeping everything clean, of course!). I’m looking forward to seeing if the solar panel idea is exported to other parks; Florida would be a great spot for it.

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