Star Sighting: ‘Survivors’ Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn Embark Upon Wild Africa Trek

Last month, we shared with you the heart warming, inspirational story of Jenna Morasca’s and Ethan Zohn’s recent run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  The stars of the reality TV series “Survivor” (she won “Survivor Amazon,” and he topped “Survivor Africa”) ran the event together in celebration of Zohn’s recent victory over cancer.  But today, we’re getting a first hand look at some of the fun the duo had after they wrapped up the race.

Morasca tweeted during the days that followed that she and Zohn were enjoying some downtime at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.  Today, we’re also getting to see the couple in action on the new Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The adventure tour requires guests to don a vest and harness to navigate shaky bridges over hungry crocs (well, okay…it’s Disney.  The crocs are probably well fed.)  Those taking the special guided tour have unprecedented, up close and personal access to the animals who call Animal Kingdom home.

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