State Fair In Need of Trailers to Move Disney’s ‘CALIFORNIA’ Letters

Last month, we told you that the iconic CALIFORNIA letters that previously marked the entrance to Disney’s California Adventure would be getting a new home at Cal Expo. Now, the Friends of the California State Fair need help transporting the letters, which are currently in storage in Southern California.

Norb Bartosik, Cal Expo CEO and general manager, said:

We are all very excited about the gift, but [transportation] is over and above what we budgeted to spend.
According to Cal Expo’s calculations, two flatbed trailers – one at 45 feet, the other at 52 feet – should suffice. Butler Amusements, Inc. has generously offered to donate drivers, fuel and tractors for the 400-mile journey to see the letters installed safely at their new home, but Friends of the California State Fair still need to find the trailers that will transport the letters.
The letters must be picked up by the end of September. If you are willing to help, please call (916) 833-9247.

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