Swampy the Alligator Returns in ‘Where’s My Water 2’

Swampy has returned.

Everyone’s favorite sewer-dwelling alligator is back in Where’s My Water 2, which launched last week for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phones, and Windows 8.

Where’s My Water 2 follows the same concept as the original – the goal is to get Swampy water so he can take a shower. The water flows through pipes and it’s up to the player to figure out how to make it flow to Swampy. Players are also supposed to collect ducks as they appear on the screen.

One new feature in Where’s My Water 2 is that players can choose to return to a level and continue to play that level over and over again. In the original version, players could only play a level one time. The new game features 100 new puzzles.

The new version also features Duck Rush levels that start moving on their own, forcing players to keep water onscreen and make quicker decisions.

Since launching the original Where’s My Water, Disney has also created and released similar games including Where’s My Mickey and Where’s My Perry.