‘Tangled Ever After’ Coming to Disney Channel Spring 2012

There have been so many cool things learned from last week’s D23 Expo that this one almost snuck in under the radar…but we are such fans of the film that we couldn’t possibly let it go by unmentioned.

Disney announced last weekend that Tangled Ever After, a brand new short featuring your favorite characters from the film Tangled, will be coming to the Disney Channel in the spring of 2012.

While there is no word on the plot, the length, or why the company opted for a television short rather than a theatrical sequel, we love the teaser poster we’ve seen, and we’re pretty sure nuptials will be involved.

I’m also loving that the poster features Rapunzel’s short and sassy brown hair.  Anyone else?

Stay tuned for more details about this one.  We do know that Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore will be returning to voice Flynn (aka Eugene) and Rapunzel.  We’re hoping for some fun and snappy new dialogue, and a catchy song or two.



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