Tangled Opening is the Biggest Thanksgiving Weekend Opening Ever

Just days after its release, “Tangled” has carved out its place in the record books.

Disney’s fiftieth animated feature has opened with the highest Thanksgiving holiday opening ever, after a respectable opening day total of $11.5 million.  Expected to make $65 million over the course of the five-day holiday weekend, “Tangled” is on track to beat out another Disney classic that previously held the record for Thanksgiving:  “Toy Story 2.”  While the totals weren’t enough to best the blockbuster “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1,” it is clear that family movies are winning the dollar race this weekend, as “Tangled” beat out other movies debuting this week with more adult themes, such as “Burlesque” and “Love and Other Drugs.”


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