‘The Memories, the Magic, and You’ Show Debuts at Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Resort

Let the Memories Begin!

When the campaign of the same name was announced last fall, it received a lukewarm response at best, from a community that expected a little more from an announcement that had been highly anticipated.  But guests got to see their first glimpse of the new show – and it is certainly spectacular.

In a high-tech experience that combines high-power projection systems mounted strategically around the castle, photos taken throughout the day by Disney Photopass professional photographers, and a musical score, guests’ memories come to life, as images displayed on Cinderella’s Castle – and at Disneyland, on the facade of It’s a Small World – depict the touching moments captured throughout the park during the day.  In case you haven’t had a chance to view the show for yourself yet, here’s a sneak peek, courtesy of Disney Parks.

“The Memories, the Magic, and You” will take place before Wishes, and will last for ten minutes.

Video copyright Disney.

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2 responses to “‘The Memories, the Magic, and You’ Show Debuts at Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Resort

  • Finally, something to fill in the last few minutes before Wishes. The countdown seem to just make the crowd restless. It will be interesting to see the long term reaction.

    Finding that perfect spot to watch Wishes will probably get harder. People will be lining up on Main Street and filling in the best viewing areas earlier and earlier.

  • Good point. We look forward to seeing crowd reaction, too, and if it will be incentive for families to stick around longer in the parks just to see their pics 🙂

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