The Walt Disney Co. and Univision in Talks to Launch an English-Language News Channel

Both The Walt Disney Co. and Univision, the nation’s leading Spanish-language broadcaster, are considering collaborating to launch an English-language cable news channel, sources say.

Initially, the discussions between both companies were reported two weeks ago, but no further word has been heard about this potential launch. In fact, as of this writing, both a Univision and an ABC spokesperson have declined comment.

A 24-hour news channel could help Disney-owned ABC News compete with other news programs, while Univision could use the channel to reach viewers that advertisers prefer – Latinos who mostly speak English. The company has already announced they plan to launch a Spanish-language news channel this spring, so a collaboration between Disney and Univision for an English-language channel may not be merely rumor.

We’ll keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.


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