The Walt Disney Studios Teams with The Black List to Find Undiscovered Writers

disney studiosThe Walt Disney Studios has teamed up with The Black List in a collaboration to find undiscovered writers for the Studio’s Feature Writers Program.

The Black List began as an annual survey of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, and is now a comprehensive online script collection. The goal of The Black List is to connect aspiring writers and producers to create films.

For the collaboration with Disney, The Black List is collecting submissions for the next two months and will compile a list of potential writers to recommend to Disney. No one selected can have made more than $250,000 from their screenwriting work over the last 10 years.

Writers can submit scripts at

“There are countless stories to be told and we’re always looking for new perspectives at every stage of filmmaking, especially during the creation of a script,” Sean Bailey, president, Production, The Walt Disney Studios, says. “Disney is thrilled to partner with The Black List to uncover the next generation of creative and talented writers who will create the classic stories of tomorrow.”

Disney will review the writers and consider them for the Feature Writers Program which is a one-year residency in Disney’s live-action filmmaking group. The program gives up and coming writers a variety of mentorship opportunities in the entertainment industry.


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