Tom Hanks $100 Richer for Work on ‘Toy Story’ Films

Tom Hanks, the voice of Sheriff Woody in the Toy Story trilogy, is $100 richer thanks to his work on the film series… and Matthew McConaughey!

Reports allege that McConaughey slipped Hanks a $100 bill at the Oscars for his work on the film trilogy.

“My son’s main thing is Toy Story – I mean, daily,” The Sun tabloid quotes him as saying. “And so I run into Tom Hanks and I slip him $100.”

According to the same source, Hanks wanted to know what the $100 was for. McConaughey then goes on to say, “Trust me, I owe you a lot more than that for the amount of time you’ve been babysitting [his son] Levi.”

It’s no surprise that theToy Story trilogy is beloved by many, and this story is proof positive that even the youngest of us can enjoy Pixar films!


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