“Toy Story 3” Reaches $400 Million Domestic Milestone

Several days ago we reported that “Toy Story 3” had reached the milestone of top animated movie of all time, with box office numbers at $940.1 million. Well now the wildly popular “Toy Story 3” & the Disney*Pixar family has even more to celebrate as the animated feature broke through the $400 million domestic barrier this weekend. Reaching $400.7 million after only 58 days since it’s release “Toy Story 3” is the 11th movie in history to reach this status in the United States, and the first from Pixar. If the film brings in another $2 million it will reach the all-time top 10, beating out “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Internationally, “Toy Story 3” continues to break records also:

“Worldwide, Toy Story 3 box office has now risen to $940.1 million, good for ninth all-time. During the weekend, it surpassed Shrek 2’s $919.8 million to receive the highest worldwide gross for an animated movie. It still has an outside shot of being the seventh movie to gross $1 billion, but it will need one more boost from overseas.” (- Associated Content)

With only a few weeks left of summer & it’s reign weighing so heavy for this long it’s unclear how much farther “Toy Story 3” will take off domestically. Pixar has, once again, set the bar high & fans will surely be eagerly awaiting Disney*Pixar’s next heartfelt blockbuster.

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