Undercover Tourist Releases New iPhone App

Businesswire has reviewed Undercover Tourist’s new application for the iPhone, and it gets a thumbs up.  The app, which is called “Undercover Tourist Wait Times”, is much more than the basic wait time app, and is very interactive, featuring maps with integrated, up to date wait times and descriptions of attractions.  The option is also available for users to purchase theme park tickets directly from Undercover Tourist.  It also takes advantage of a new “Locate me”, “Find a friend” and “Where did I park” feature.

President and Co-Founder of Undercover Tourist had this to say about the new application; “This application helps customers avoid long lines, navigate their way to each attraction, and learn more about rides and restaurants all when they can use it most – while they’re actually inside the Disney World® parks.”

Currently the app is going for $1.99 on iTunes as a “Limited time offer” and the regular price of this app will be $3.99.

*I would also like to point out that I have not personally used this app or tried it as of this posting, however I will be doing so.*

Read more at Undercovertourist.com and Businesswire.com

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