Updated Version of The Great Movie Ride Debuts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

great movie rideThe Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been updated.

Last fall Disney and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) announced a new partnership that included updating the 25 year old attraction with new “presented by” credits on the attraction’s posters in addition to a new pre-ride video and an updated finale.

The updated version of the attraction was recently unveiled and the somewhat old and outdated pre-ride video has been updated to a much longer film that shows guests the different movie genres. TCM host Robert Osborne provides the voice-over for the film.

None of the ride’s movies scenes have been changed, but the attraction does now include a voice-over narration by Osborne that is played in addition to the “performance” by the cast member driving the ride vehicles.

The biggest change on the attraction is the finale film montage. The films have been updated to include clips from last year’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy and the not-yet-released Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


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