Video: John Lasseter Talks ‘Cars 2’

Francesco Bernoulli will be voiced by John Torturro

Our excitement is building for “Cars 2” in a big way, so we were thrilled today when we spotted this video of John Lasseter discussing “Cars 2” on the Disney Living You Tube Channel (thanks to The Pixar Blog for the heads up.)

There are a couple of really interesting things that Lasseter discusses.  To begin, he mentions that the idea for the character of Finn McMissile actually dates back to the original film.  Originally, he wanted the characters of Sally and Lightning to go on a date to a movie.  He envisioned a spy caper for the Radiator Springs Silver Screen, and Finn McMissile was to be the star of the show; but the idea never came to pass.  He also sheds some light on one of his favorite characters, Italian Formula car Francesco Bernoulli, who is voiced by John Turturro.

“Cars 2” opens everywhere June 24.  The sequel to the wildly popular Cars takes Lightning McQueen and buddy Tow Mater across the globe as they race in the World Grand Prix through Tokyo, London, and the Italian Riviera.  They might just get tangled in a bit of international espionage at the same time. 

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