Walt Disney Records to Release Wayne Brady Children’s Album

Wayne Brady, a jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment business, recently collaborated with Walt Disney Records to release Radio Wayne, a children’s album that includes songs designed to teach kids valuable life lessons. The successful singer, actor and comedian has re-created the world of “drive-time” radio, playing “DJ Wayne” on the album and talking to kids in between songs.

Radio Wayne includes 14 songs that span several musical genres, including jazz, reggae, blues, and hip hop. The songs, with such titles as “Say Please,” “You Are What You Eat,” and “Wash Your Hands,” were co-written by Brady and teach kids everyday lessons that will serve them well in life.

When asked what inspired him to tackle such a project, Brady says:

In this day and age, kids are far more mature for good and bad than children of any other generation. You have 6-year-olds who can quote Lady Gaga’s lyrics. That’s why I did this CD. I wasn’t happy with a lot of what my daughter was listening to. We decided to make songs that are as dance-worthy as other Top 40 songs.

The track listing for Radio Wayne includes:

1. “Imagination”
2. “The High-Low”
3. “Good Morning (All Over the World)”
4. “Say Please”
5. “Talk to the Animals”
6. “Greedy Gus”
7. “Let it Out”
8. “Reading Can Be Fun”
9. “Wash Your Hands”
10. “You Are What You Eat”
11. “The Music Song”
12. “Hide and Seek”
13. “Monster in My Closet”
14. “Hip Hop Stop”

Radio Wayne is available exclusively at Amazon.com right now, but the record will make its nationwide debut May 31 wherever music is sold.


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