Walt Disney World Adds Doors to Theme Park Trams

It has come to this: doors are being installed on all 23 trams that service the parks of Walt Disney World.

For years (forever?), the trams, which transport thousands of guests everyday from parking lots to the resorts’ four parks, have operated doorless.  Though there is no statement confirming it (Disney says merely that they have “identified an opportunity”), one can only assume that Disney is looking to reduce any and all chance of guest injury by installing doors on the vehicles.

The move does beg a few questions:  will children be allowed to sit on the outside of rows now?  Will this do away with the entertaining hosts who tell us to watch our step and lower or our heads, or if, failing to do so, watch our language?

No word from Disney.  So for now, we will wait and see.

The doors themselves will be manually operated by guests.  Work to install the doors began at Animal Kingdom and has moved to Hollywood Studios.  Disney spokesman Bryan Melenius says that installation of the doors on all trams should be completed by February 2011.

The 16 trams operating at Disneyland have already been fitted with doors.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised if those little rows are even harder to squeeze into now as you maneuver your stroller, backpack, camera, toddler, and self into them.

What are your thoughts?  Overdue?  Or overkill?


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