Epcot Tests a New Configuration to Entryway Turnstiles

Ever trying to find ways to do things better and more efficiently, we learn today that Walt Disney World’s Epcot is trying a little something new at its entry.

The park is experimenting with a new configuration that would potentially make entry to the park easier for guests with stroller, wheelchairs, and ECVs.

The photo indicates that the turnstiles have been eliminated, and the pass readers have been grouped together in threes, with attendants to help guests who experience issues and to otherwise monitor the entry.  Teams testing the entry were asking random guests to test the new entry experience.

As a frequent stroller user, I’m interested to see how this works, and if the move will be implemented in other parks.  Coming on the heels of the rather inconvenient addition of doors to parking lot trams, this, I believe, might be a move toward a more efficient experience.  (I know – the door installation is for safety’s sake, and should therefore be regarded as a good thing.)

What are your thoughts?  Have you visited the parks on wheels before?  Leave a comment below.


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