Disneyland Now Offers Self Service Stroller Rentals

In an attempt to streamline the popular stroller rental service at Disneyland four new self-service kiosks have been added on the Esplanade; in addition to the staffed wheelchair & stroller rental counter. The new kiosks will allow guests to skip long lines & use their credit card to reserve strollers for up to six days. Located right outside the Disneyland Park entrance the kiosks will give guests the option to complete their transaction in either English or Spanish.

Heather Hust Rivera, Manager of Print and Social Media for the Disneyland Resort reports:

Renting a stroller at the new self-service kiosks can also be a lot quicker than the staffed counter. How to use it? Skip the line, bring a credit card, go to a kiosk, select your language (English or Spanish) and rent up to five strollers for up to six days.

The process for multi-day rentals is the same. You turn in the stroller each night, and collect a new one the next day by showing your receipt. (-Disney Parks Blog)

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  • I wonder what brand strollers Disney contracted with. Are they going to be some of the best baby strollers on the market or are they going for economical brands. Sturdiness is certainly an important factor and consistent safety checks by the staff will be imperative.

  • The Disneyland strollers were -very- sturdy, jogging stroller style with 4 wheels. Our 4 year old had plenty of comfort/room. Saw several people in the park with two tired kids sharing a stroller. I’m trying to find out the brand for our next kiddo.

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