Walt Disney World Employee Caught Stealing Credit Card Information From Hotel Guests

Anyone who visited Walt Disney World last year & stayed at either Saratoga Springs Resort or Old Key West may want to take a close look at their credit card statements. Ana Rosa, a former front desk receptionist at both resorts, is off the job after being caught with 15 skimming devices and is responsible for stealing credit card numbers from 173 guests. Rosa is blamed for $83,000 is losses; she claims she never made any purchases with the card numbers, but stole the information with skimming devices and sold the credit card numbers to another scammer.

WFTV, Orlando reports: “Rosa told authorities she plugged the device into the computers at the front desk. When guests’ credit cards were swiped, the skimming device captured their information. She then handed the info to another man, who paid her $500 a month.”

Rosa signed a plea agreement last week that will send her to prison for at least two years, while Disney is assuring guests that they are putting safety precautions into place that will protect guests from future fraud. In this case, Disney guests had no idea their identities or card numbers had been stolen until suspicious charges started appearing on their accounts.


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