Walt Disney World Helps ‘Clean the World’

Orlando-based group Clean the World, which collects, sanitizes and re-packages discarded hotel soaps and shampoos to be distributed to impoverished countries, is getting a lot of help from Walt Disney World.

The resort has been a part of the group since 2010, but Clean the World has recently expanded their efforts to include soaps and shampoos from Disney hotels in California and Hawaii.

In two years, Disney has collected 53 tons of soap for Clean the World and more than 33 tons of bottled shampoos and lotions. After being sanitized and re-packaged, the products are sent to areas in need both locally and across the globe. Many of them are used in homeless and domestic abuse shelters.

In addition to helping those in need, Disney has been able to offset 87 tons of hotel waste that would normally have gone to landfills.


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