Walt Disney World Resort Donates Playground to Local Children

Thanks to a generous donation from The Walt Disney World Resort, the Welbourne Avenue Nursery and Kindergarten in Winter Park has a new Imagination Playground children can use to encourage creativity.

Using giant foam-like blocks, children can piece these blocks together to create anything their imaginations can dream up. The Imagination Playgrounds are a part of the KaBOOM! organization’s Building Playgrounds initiative, which fosters creativity and character-building skills.

Local children were immediately excited about the donated playground, and quickly set to work building skyscrapers, forts and other objects out of the weather-resistant blocks.

Said Nancy Gidusko, director of community relations at Walt Disney World Resort:

The benefits of focusing on our children’s future is far-reaching. Investing time and money in educational programs show great returns, including higher graduation and employment rates, reduced crime and less reliance on public assistance.

The gift was just one of many ways the Walt Disney World Resort is giving back to local communities and organizations during their “Season of Sharing” initiative. For more information, please visit waltdisneyworld.com/about.


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